We are not only involved with our heads, but also with our hearts.
We are willing to learn, proactive, curious, interested and highly motivated.
We work with full commitment to successfully complete our projects.
We are headhunters out of passion.


We do what we say.
We only promise what we can keep.
We deliver what we promise.
We are conscientious and loyal to our clients and candidates.


We dare to make decisions - mistakes can be made with us and help us to become better.
We are positive, optimistic and economically aware of changes, opportunities and challenges.
We take responsibility and don't give up.


We treat each other respectfully, honestly and fairly.
We're helping each other.
We stick together - in good as well as in difficult situations.


We believe in ourselves, in our colleagues, employees and superiors.
We deal responsibly with the trust placed in us.
We live a fear-free working atmosphere.

Trust is the basis of our corporate culture!